2016: A year in review

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Photo via Google under Creative Commons license

The year 2016 has had many ups and downs.


“I feel like this year is really about … the year of just realizing stuff. And everyone around me, we’re all just, like, realizing things,” Kylie Jenner said at the beginning of the year.

Since then things have been realized, such as famous deaths, how athletes get away with crimes,  and who the future president is going to be.

The entertainment industry took hard hits this year with the deaths of David Bowie, actor, singer and songwriter; Alan Rickman, British actor known for playing Severus Snape in the “Harry Potter” Series; and Prince, singer and songwriter.

During the summer, Rio hosted the 2016 Summer Olympics from Aug. 5 to 21 and the Paralympics from Sept. 7 to 18. The United States took home 46 gold medals and the most medals overall, 121.

“Lochte-gate” made headlines around the world. Members of the U.S swim team, Ryan Lochte, Jimmy Feigen, Gunnar Bentz, and Jack Conge, falsely reported a crime by saying they were held at gunpoint at a local gas station. Later, facts proved they had vandalized the gas station bathroom.

One of the year’s anticipated events was the U.S election. In late March, candidates started rolling in such as Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and Bernie Sanders. For many students at Neshaminy, it was their first time voting.

At the start of the election process, it was any candidate’s game, but 2016 was full of surprises when on Nov. 9 it was declared that Trump would be the 45th president. In response, protests started across the nation, and the phrase “Not my President” spread across social media.

Neshaminy also decided to bring a few changes to the school this year by adding a homecoming dance to the annual homecoming game. In the past, students complained about other schools holding dances, so Neshaminy decided to listen. Homecoming court was still announced at the football game, with Ryan Reed winning king and Payal Patel, queen.

“At first, I ran so I could decorate a golf cart,” Patel said. “But, homecoming changed me. Oct. 7 is a night to remember. I made friendships that will truly last a lifetime, especially with our king, Ryan Reed. I’m just humbled and thankful for this experience. It teaches you about genuine character and school spirit. Overall, I was just thrilled to see the overwhelming support.”

Every year Neshaminy welcomes new students from all over, not just the freshman. Hannah Peterson, a junior at Neshaminy who moved here from Florida, had a few things to say about the differences from her hometown.

“Moving from the south where everyone is overly affectionate and connected, I was already expecting a huge culture shock.  However, Neshaminy is a whole different level. The nonstop rush of everything is dizzying.  I don’t know the last time someone looked me in the eye and said ‘thank you’ or ‘sorry for bumping into you.’ There are some exceptions, but I’m finding those people harder and harder to discover,” Peterson said.

While 2016 had its moments, people are ready to see what 2017 has in store.