Neshaminy celebrates Thanksgiving

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Photo/Eric Pancer

The students of Neshaminy all celebrate Thanksgiving in different ways.

Bring on the turkey and the stuffing; it’s Thanksgiving! Thanksgiving is a national holiday celebrated on the last Thursday of November.  This holiday comes with lots of speculation around it, some good and some bad.  Thanksgiving is an annual holiday where families gather together to enjoy a homemade meal and express what they are thankful for. Some people, however, view it as celebrating a genocide against the Native Americans and cultural misappropriation.

The bad wrap Thanksgiving is given does not stop the students, teachers, and administrators of Neshaminy from celebrating and sharing their traditions with others. Out of 350 Neshaminy students surveyed, 97 percent said that they celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday in some way.

“I think what [Thanksgiving] was created for isn’t worth celebrating, but I think the principle of giving thanks is,” junior Hannah Peterson said.

The students of Neshaminy all celebrate Thanksgiving in different ways. Students like junior Hannah Stange get together with their family and then organize a play for her younger cousins. Annie Noe, a sophomore, spends her Thanksgiving with family by writing on a card what they are thankful for. Then she and her family open their cards from the previous year to see how their responses have changed.

Most students favorite part about Thanksgiving is eating, whereas others enjoy spending time with their family.

“[My favorite part is] just making sure everyone around you feels special by telling them you’re thankful for them,” said junior Olivia Patton.

The Neshaminy students spend that one day in a number of different ways. It is a time for them to really show their friends and family they are thankful for them. They all agreed that the good food is also what makes that day even better.