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This bridge overlooks Playwicki Park.

Meaning of playwickian explained

October 28, 2016

The Playwickian, the newspaper of Neshaminy High School, was founded in the year 1932. It has been the school newspaper since the district was founded. There are records dating back to 1926, but the papers on file at the high school only date back to 1932. April is the Playwickian’s official birthday. The word “playwickian” means place of many birds and is of Native American linguistic origin, from the Lenni-Lenape turtle tribe. The newspaper uses the name Playwickian because the Lenni-Lenape tribe’s land was where Neshaminy was founded.

The first Playwickian archive on file is from January 1932. The school at that time was Langhorne High School.

The original editorial staff is listed below. Some positions are still around today, but, for obvious reasons, some were cut as time progressed.

Editor in Chief: David Paul

Associate Editor: Madaline Griffin

Business Editor: Earle Richardson

Assistant Manager: Armand Maitha

Circulation Editor: Vincent Mather

Advertising Editor: Albert MacNamara

Literary: Jacquelyn Roberts

Sports: Jack Christine

Humor: Paul Johnson

Art: William Paul

Activity: Elizabeth Lake

Senior Class Reporter: Cora La Rue

Junior Class Reporter: Elizabeth Lake

Sophomore Class Reporter: Margaret Paul

Typists: Lydia Davenport and Cora La Rue

Alumni Editor: Elizabeth Foster

Faculty Adviser: G.R. Peffer

The school newspaper is a time honored tradition at Neshaminy high school and will continue to stay that way.

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