Class of 2020 takes on Neshaminy

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Class of 2020 takes on Neshaminy

The freshman graduation sign in the hallway

The freshman graduation sign in the hallway

Nina Taranenko

The freshman graduation sign in the hallway

Nina Taranenko

Nina Taranenko

The freshman graduation sign in the hallway

Jenna Muller and Devon Horton

Neshaminy High School recently welcomed the class of 2020. On Aug. 31 school was in session for freshmen only. The Playwickian interviewed Chris McVey, Molly Coughlin, Julia Mauro, and Jake Howe to see what their transition from middle school to high school was like.

Q: In one word, describe your transition into high school.

McVey: smooth

Coughlin: easy

Mauro: chill

Howe: tiring


Q: What were your thoughts and feelings on/about the first day of school?

McVey: I feel that my day went well because there were only freshmen in the building.

Coughlin: I went through two stages of emotions on the first day of school. Before school, I was a nervous wreck– worried about not having classes with people I knew or getting lost–but neither of those things happened. Once I got to homeroom, everything was great.

Mauro: My thoughts and feelings were pretty calm on the first day of school. The only things I worried about were how my teachers were and time management. In the end, everything worked out just fine.

Howe: I was so tired that I had absolutely no emotion.


Q: What do you think about your teachers?

McVey: I like my teachers because they are enthusiastic and willing to teach kids at Neshaminy.

Coughlin: I love all my teachers! They all have diverse personalities and are all friendly.

Mauro: I think my teachers are way better than my middle school teachers because at the high school, they treat us more like adults.

Howe: They’re all pretty rad.


Q: What is your favorite class and why?

McVey: I like biology because the teacher teaches very well, and I enjoy biology.

Coughlin: I like drama because I feel so accepted and am treated the same as the older kids. I also get to do what I love: I get to act!

Mauro: My favorite class is art because there are no rules to art; everyone is allowed to use their imagination.

Howe: I like French because the teacher is pretty cool.


Q: What’s the best thing about Neshaminy?

McVey: All the extra-curricular activities and clubs you can take part in.

Coughlin: The best thing about Neshaminy is all of the opportunities you get to be involved in.

Mauro: I love the school spirit and all the clubs.

Howe: Me.


Q: Are you Planning on participating in any major school events like gym night?

McVey: Yes; I’ve heard from former students that it is really good to get involved.

Coughlin: Yes; I plan on doing gym night and the school musical.

Mauro: I plan to watch gym night, but not to participate.

Howe: Yes, and I look forward to it.