Students should not have to make up gym classes

Editorial Board

The implementation of the new gym policy in Neshaminy High School has sparked some concern across the student body especially in regards to the upperclassman.

The new gym policy states that when someone misses more than two gym classes, they must stay after school to make these classes up. The policy would then affect people’s after school time and could possibly, if they cannot attend, affect their grades.

A school that stresses well-roundedness in its students means many students are already involved in prior engagements including clubs, jobs, volunteer work, and sports–a physical activity. Other students might have to look after relatives or siblings or need to attend after school help among other things. This could then affect students grades drastically even though when they are in gym class they get all A’s and are generally good students.

Gym class is not an imperative class that would then hinder their prospects outside of high school, while missing their other classes could. When students miss gym class, they most likely have missed the whole day of school. This means they are already having to catch up in other more advanced classes that are more important to their grades because of their weight and relevance to colleges.

In a perfect world, no one would ever miss school, but things come up. People get sick, they have family emergencies, and they sometimes have important obligations, like college visitations.

This policy could have relevance, but only to those students who skip gym class or to students who are not prepared. Punishing students who couldn’t attend gym class because they weren’t in school will not help students, but will only hurt their routines and add more pressure to the already hectic life of a teenager.