Restaurant stuns tastebuds

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Located at the Center of Langhorne is the family owned eatery, The Sandwich Club. This food joint has been owned for 22 years by Rose and Joe Amato. Although this isn’t the run of the mill restaurant, its uniqueness is what makes it truly great. “We want to be different from a pizza place,” Stated Rose.

The relationship that the Sandwich Club employees have with their customers is a friendly and personal one. That is evident when they named one of their most popular items, the Donna’s Favorite, after one of their many loyal customers. The Donna’s Favorite includes eight chicken tenders, two sauces, a full order of fries and comes in four different varieties. “Donna became infamous,” said Rose Amato. “Thanks to Donna- it put us on the map!”

The Sandwich Club has a variety of fresh food that with a personal touch to them. Joe Amato is known for taking something familiar and adding his own personal touch to it. Their Chicken Tenders are just one example of that. They have a secret breading on it that only Joe Amato knows. The tenders are also served with a tweaked Boom Boom sauce, with a tangy taste and kick to it.

Joe Amato’s personal touch to his food is especially shown through their homemade Rice Cini Balls. The Cini originated from a secret Amato family recipe crafted in Sicily, Italy. When biting into the Buffalo Rice Cini the first thing that comes to mind is mouthwatering. The breading is crispy and warm, while the inside is rich and spicy. It’s something that is quite addicting and comes in a generous portion size. The Rice Cini also comes in a variety of flavors.

The Sandwich Club is an exceptional food place and often supports the Neshaminy School District with a kick back fundraiser. Their next kick back will be on Tuesday Feb. 23, and it is from 4-9 P.M. 15 percent of the overall profit will go to Oliver Heckman Elementary School. The Sandwich Club is now offering online ordering through their website.