How to be a Hipster 101

By Gauri Mangala
Features Editor

So, you want to be a hipster. Well you have come to the right place. Welcome to the world of hipsterdom, in which you will find such delights as biking to work because it is more environmentally sound and using a satchel instead of a backpack because who carries backpacks anymore?

First thing is first, do not shave. Ever. Facial hair is the epitome of a hipster. The facial hair of a hipster is equivalent to yellow and black stripes of a bee, when you see it, you just know. And don’t be mistaken, the “don’t shave” rule does not apply just to men. Ladies, keep that leg hair. Let that unibrow be free in the wind.

Now that you have got that cover, it’s time for a new wardrobe. A mix of neon and pastels is appropriate, as is the use of outdated attire such as, but not limited to, bowties, suspenders, overalls, fedoras, and anything from Goodwill. It should be noted that the term vintage is a necessity when describing any article of clothing that has been complimented.

The hipster diet is one that is both boring and interesting at the same time. Being a vegan is a must to the hipster, as is having a balanced nutriment of organic foods. A truly hip foodie knows all the under the radar places to get their eat on. They know all the great places to get authentic Assyrian food and hate Chipotle because it’s not “genuine Mexican food.”

The musical stylings of the hipster are extremely important. The hipster must not only focus their time on fangirling on undiscovered indie bands and never inviting their friends to concerts because “they’ve probably never heard of it.” Along with this, hipsters must be able to play guitar, along with a counterculture instrument, like the ukulele or accordion.

It should be noted that being a hipster means that you can never consider yourself as such. Good luck, my friends. Be hip.