24 ways to enjoy Christmas

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24 ways to enjoy Christmas


1. Volunteer at a local food bank and give back to those less fortunate

2. Drink hot cocoa and watch your favorite movie with your friends and family, it will help you stay in touch with those who matter

3. Go go-kart racing with your family and hold a friendly competition

4. Read a book and look up the United States literacy rate

5. Have a holiday cookie baking day with your friends

6. Walk around LOVE Park’s Christmas Village

7. Make a list of things you have to do and actually do them

8. Light a fire and play board games with your family

9. Visit your favorite major city like Philadelphia or New York

10. Redecorate your room

11. Drink copious amounts of eggnog

12. Go laser tagging

13. Go to the movies

14. Visit your local ice skating rink with friends

15. Watch “Frozen”

16. Go caroling and keep count of how many people slam doors in your face

17. Catch up on the sleep that will soon be a distant memory of the past once you come back from break

19. Eat all the food in your friend’s fridge because free and food are always a good combination

18. Visit Shady Brooke’s light show

20. Play your favorite music and sing as loud as humanly possible

21. Have a snow-ball Battle Royale and reenact a war from history

22. Make a New Year’s resolution

23. Cry about how short this break is

24. Figure out the meaning of life and let us know when you figure it out