Community urges for revision of middle school plan

By Gauri Mandala
Special Features Editor

On Tues., Oct. 28, long and strenuous debate as to whether or not the fifth graders of Neshaminy should be moved up to middle school has ended with a 6 to 3 vote of the school board members in favor of the move. However, this argument has not ceased. Members of the Neshaminy community continue to voice their opinions both for and against this change.

People for this change argue that the plan allows for money to be used elsewhere. For example, additional programs can be added, like reinstating a middle school level world language program back into the curriculum. “We fall behind other districts in Bucks County by not offering these two critical programs [an opportunity period and foreign language] for our Middle School Students, Mark Shubin school board member said.

“Bringing fifth graders to the middle school will allow them to grow educationally. This change will affect fifth graders for the better. The middle schools offer more for the advanced learner and have much more support for the child who struggles in school,” Raina Shoemaker, community member, said.