Era of whole wheat arrives to Neshaminy

By Alli Kaufman
Sports Editor

It was 6th period and I hadn’t eaten breakfast. My stomach growled all through English and the students around me shot me dirty looks as they frantically tried to finish their timed writings. “Just 30 more minutes,” I thought to myself as I imagined the lunch waiting for me down in the cafeteria. I had gone all summer—three achingly long months—without a Neshaminy M&M cookie and in just one short half hour I would have my first of the school year along with my plain bagel and Wawa iced tea.

It was 12:32, the bell rang, and I ran. I sprinted through the hallways elbowing every man, woman, child and freshman out of my way to get to my lunch. Okay so I didn’t actually run because that is such a freshman thing to do but I power walked (and definitely elbowed) my way down the endless stairs until finally I was within reach of my cookie.

Anyone can tell you what the snack line in the cafeteria looks like—a winding, endless trail of sad and hungry teenagers but on this day it was empty.
It was fate.

Before I knew it I was ordering and putting in my 5 digit code (you know the one you remember until you are right about to pay and then the lunch lady has to look up your number and everyone behind you gets super annoyed? That one).

“Can you just put it in a bag for me?” I said to the lunch lady, not bothering to look at the perfect meal I was about to eat.
I headed back to my table on the other side of the cafeteria, sat down, and was momentarily distracted by an interesting conversation my table was talking about.

So it was full 3 minutes after I bought my lunch that I finally opened it and I discovered what I had was not in fact the delicious cookie and bagel I had imagined but 2 lumps of whole wheat, one showing slight evidence of a single M&M.

My lunch and appetite were ruined.

“WHAT IS THIS?” I shrieked, thinking there must had been a mistake in the cafeteria and someone severely messed up all of the cookies because although I paid for a cookie, what I had certainly didn’t look like a cookie, didn’t smell like a cookie and as I was about to discover, didn’t taste like a cookie.

“Oh the cafeteria is completely whole wheat now, you didn’t hear?” another student informed me.

I hadn’t heard. And I wasn’t a fan. However, being open minded, I decided I would give this sad little cookie a try. The whole wheat to M&M ratio was considerably off and I needed my entire iced tea just to swallow the first bite down.

I left the cafeteria that day mourning the loss of my lunch and mourning the loss of Neshaminy’s M&M cookie reputation.

I decided a cookie should never be whole wheat.