Beyonce: wraps up world tour, fiercer than ever

By Emily Scott
Op-Ed and Business Editor

Changing the name of R&B, Beyoncé’s past year has been incomparable. While keeping an entire video album a complete secret, she also was touring the world. 132 shows on four continents have created her longest tour to date.
It has been one year since she began “running the world” on the Mrs. Carter World Tour. Starting in April 2013, she toured from Serbia and made her final performance in Portugal March 27.

“If there were any doubts that she is the Queen before 2013, there certainly aren’t any now,” senior and class president, Ton Do-Nguyen.
During her last performance, the Grammy-winning singer broke down onstage as she discussed her time on tour with her fans.  

“I want them to see me [her fans]. If you all don’t know, tonight makes 132 shows,” Beyoncé said. 132 shows over the course of one year; it is hard to understand the emotional toll being away from her home could take on her, yet, she did this with such unimaginable passion. 

In the past year, she has reached new limits in achievements for herself. Since departing for the Mrs. Carter tour, she released a Top 100 self-titled album, celebrated her daughter, Blue Ivy’s second birthday and her fifth anniversary with husband Jay-Z. These have been moments she will never forget.

“She just continues to grow and evolve so much as an artist. The success is well deserved. I’m so happy
for her and proud to call her my favorite artist,” Do-Nguyen said.

“I just want you to know that I am so lucky. I’m giving y’all my ugly cry. Thank you for allowing me to have a career. And when I fall, you lift me up. I dedicate this song to you guys,” she said, while crying during her last song of the tour.

“She had been on The Mrs. Carter World Tour for a whole year and it brought many twists, turns and milestones. She is such a humble, amazing human being,” Do-Nguyen said.

After the performance, it was a celebratory moment. It marked the end of a long, hard-working journey that left her blessed. Husband Jay-Z, who joined her in the last show, greeted her with a bottle of wine and posed for a few pictures.

Some of the tour traditions included writing what shows they were up to in tape below the stage and every city she visited on a white board.

All the long hours and hard work to create the history-making tour were worth it. It was certainly her most successful tour to date. Even before the tour had reached its final stretch, it was number 2 on Pollstar’s year-end Top 20 Worldwide Tours list, grossing $188.6 million at the end of 2013.

Beyoncé has changed the name of R&B. She has set the standards impossibly high for female singers in the industry in the past year with her unforgettable Mrs. Carter World Tour and will continue to do so for the remainder of her career.