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High school participates in Katy Perry “Roar” contest

Jessica Bussmann
Staff Writer

Neshaminy High School is going from Beyoncé music video recreations to a new project; “ROAR with Katy Perry” is a competition from “Good Morning America” that is giving schools a chance to put together their own lip syncing rendition of the pop stars new single while showing off their school spirit. The prize for the most spirited school is a live concert from Katy Perry at the winning school which will be broadcasted on the morning show.

Although Senior Ton Do-Nguyen was not the person that found out about the contest, he was the one asked to take charge on the project. “I think that they’ve seen what I’m capable of doing from my past videos, so once the contest came up and I was told about it, I was completely on board with it and ready for the big task ahead of me!” said Do-Nguyen.

Neshaminy’s entry to the contest is going to be a completely original idea, not a remake of the music video. The theme of the song is finding ones own voice and that is what is going to be captured. The video is going to start off with a rebellion and then the students and teachers are going to come together in a big dance number on the field.

Do-Nguyen’s vision for this video is to capture the school as a unit and not focus on any particular person. “I really didn’t want any ‘stars’…naturally some people will lead others in the rebellion, but I really want the focus to be on everyone as a unit…everyone will have their moment to shine together as one big group. So with this video, I won’t be the Snuggie-clad Beyonce or Katy Perry or whatever. I want it to be about everyone.” He said.

The video is to be two minutes in length with no additional music or tones. Video shooting will be all through the week for different scenes in the video and then on Friday, Sept. 27, the final part will be filmed after homecoming on the football field. The video must be submitted by Oct. 1, 2013.

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High school participates in Katy Perry “Roar” contest