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Science teacher organizes school-wide ‘lip dub’

By Morgan Bond
Staff Writer

On May 29, students followed and performed through Neshaminy’s halls, as a fun and creative way to end a wonderful school year, and also to help a wonderful cause.

Doing a Lip Dub was originally introduced by principal Dr. Rob McGee, back in 2011, after seeing a video of Cinnaminson High School’s Project X. In 2011, it was too far along in the year. In 2012, the idea of a lip dub wasn’t given much thought.

Although McGee came up with the idea of a lip dub, James Maloney brought the idea back into discussion this school year.

With Maloney as the lip dub adviser, many students already wanted to join and by late April there were papers going around to every student in homeroom, which allowed them to join Neshaminy’s first ever lip dub.

Students were given the option to buy a t-shirt that said Neshaminy Lip Dub, to show off their pride for $10. The proceeds went to the Hope for Howie Foundation, and also to Matt Cruz.
Many students aren’t just doing the lip dub, there are a large amount of students who are helping with the production and the prep work. “ Dana McCabe and Christina van Ham have been doing amazing work with creating signs, some students mapped out a route and identified songs that’d be used and activities to be done along the way, James LeVan and David Wert have done a lot of video advertising for the Lip Dub project, and our community has stepped up to support the good cause with New York Camera and Video providing professional grade video equipment for very minimal cost.” Maloney said.

In this lip dub, every school club and sports team is represented within the video. Many students will be involved in the lip dub, making it even more exciting. “The goal of this video was to boost school spirit and to highlight all that is Neshaminy. We will have most clubs and sports teams participating, and everyone else that is interested. The entire event is designed to be fun, and the planning crew has done what they can to capture the essence of Neshaminy in this rapid 15 minutes,” Maloney said.

Shelly Davidson, freshman, and dance team member said, “I’m excited to see what it will end up like. But just from comparing it to other ones, I’m sure it’ll be cool and a cool experience.”

Raffles were sold for $1 in order to pick which students get solos. Thanks to Maloney and the enthusiasm he is giving off to his students, many believe this will turn out to be an awesome event for Neshaminy High School.

Emre Fisher, freshman, one of Maloney’s students says, “As long as we beat Pennsbury, I’ll be content but I’ve seen enough time and effort but in by James Maloney that it would easily outdo the other schools even without the helicopter.”

Many students are getting to together, to make this work. And let’s hope for good success. Maloney ends off saying, “ What I think I will look forward to the most will be when we first show this to the school community, and those participants will see what was happening at opposite ends of the school where they had no idea what was happening. I hope I don’t have too many people saying, “I should have done that” or “I knew it would have been fun.” But maybe, if there is a next time, it will gain a whole new group of participants.”

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Science teacher organizes school-wide ‘lip dub’