School takes new safety measures

By Julianne Miller
Staff Writer

Safety has always been a primary concern at Neshaminy High School. However, while this may not be a dangerous environment, the concern is addressed because of the constant possibility of danger, something that is inescapable.

Since the recent tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary, schools around the nation, Neshaminy High School included, are adding new and improved safety precautions, and becoming even more prepared in case the unexpected were to occur.

Ken Hunter, a well-known security guard at Neshaminy High School runs and operates the temporary safety feature.

Located on the main floor in front of the doors down at the Main Office, Hunter sets himself up at a long table where he sits “to monitor all activity coming in and out of the building and safety and well-being of students and staff in the hallways,” Hunter said. This eliminates the availability of being buzzed into the school and giving out the freedom to wander the hallways without informing the office attendants of the purpose.

Stating the obvious, there is more than one entrance to the building and since Hunter cannot man each one at the same time, “There is always someone monitoring each entrance to the building,” Hunter said, although the doors are always locked with no way of being buzzed in.

“In my opinion, if I can help a child out just by sitting here monitoring that door, then this is going to make a positive difference in this school,” Hunter said.

Even though this is just a minor change within the school, every little idea to make the learning environment safer and more secure for everyone helps.

“Hunter is our temporary solution to ‘seeing around the corner.’ From his vantage point, he can see the Black Box doors, attendance hallway, auditorium lobby and front door,” Principal Rob McGee said. An improved system will be put in place at a later date.