Kisses for Kyle

Kisses for Kyle

By Eva Fischer
Staff Writer

On Mar. 15, 1996 a baby boy named Kyle Snyder was born. Kyle was a healthy baby who loved and was fascinated with life. Just like any other child he loved attention and certainly received it from others.

“He was a cutie pie, and so many people would approach us to let us know how beautiful and special he was,” Sharon Snyder, Kyle’s mother, said.

Sadly, on Feb. 20, 1998 Kyle was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. As you can imagine, this would turn any families’ life upside down – not excluding the Snyder’s.

After receiving this terrible news, Kyle had to undergo several bone marrow aspirations and spinal taps. He went through enormous amounts of chemotherapy and blood transfusions, which no child should have to go through.

“Childhood cancers make up less than 1% of all cancers diagnosed each year. About 12,060 children in the United States under the age of 15 will be diagnosed with cancer in 2012,” The American Cancer Society website stated. From all of the treatment, Kyle’s immune system became diminished and his body was bruised. Since his immune system was not strong, Kyle could not go to one of his favorite places, Chuck E. Cheese.

“His childhood was stripped away from him in hopes that the treatment would ‘cure’ him and he would go back to the normal routine that he so much deserved,” Snyder shared.

It was difficult, but two-year-old Kyle did a wonderful job adapting to his new lifestyle. Kyle put up a brave fight and the Snyder family did everything they could in hopes of saving their son’s precious life. Even after all of their efforts Kyle devastatingly lost his battle to cancer on Oct. 15, 1998.

“All of the life promised to him came to an end on this day. Such a beautiful and young life was taken away from us by this devastating disease,” Snyder said. Little Kyle was only two years and seven months old when he passed. Even though Kyle isn’t here with us in person anymore, his spirit still remains memories of friends and family.

“Cancer is the second leading cause of death in children younger than 15 years old (after accidents). About 1,340 children are expected to die from cancer in 2012,” The American Cancer Society website stated.

Sharon Snyder knew that she had to make something good out of this tragic event. Out of all the love she had for her son, she decided to start a foundation in memory of him called Kisses for Kyle.

The foundation is really amazing. It helps families going through the same thing the Snyder family once went through – dealing with a terminally ill child.

When a child is diagnosed with cancer, a parent immediately wants to stop working to spend as time as possible with their child. But doing this will cause a struggle to pay the bills and treatment costs.

“The main Mission of Kisses for Kyle is to provide assistance to families fighting childhood cancer,” Snyder shared.

In order to help families, the foundation gives financial assistance that will cover travel fees, hospital bills, wigs and if needed, funeral costs. The whole family is affected when a child is diagnosed with cancer, so the foundation also provides gifts to the entire family to comfort them.

For those that are personally effected or simply want to help out a good cause can volunteer or have their own fundraiser for Kisses for Kyle.

“It is through Kyle’s memory and spirit that we are helping many other families enduring what we once did. We will always miss our beautiful Kyle; he is his Mamma’s Sunshine and his Daddy’s Buddy. We love you sweetheart, so much,” Snyder thoughtfully added.