80 years hard work, dedication, drive, love

By Ryan Erney
Staff Writer

Professionals decide to retire at all different ages, some at age 50, some at age 60, and if some are feeling really daring they might even push 70.

For 37 years, cafeteria worker Annie Coulter has been serving up delicious lunches for the lovely teachers and students at Neshaminy, and finally, at age 80 she’s decided she’s hanging up her spatula for good.

You can find Coulter at the far end of the cafeteria during periods 4-7, serving teachers their lunch as they make their way through the line.

“I used to work at a dress shop and a bakery for a little while, but this is the living I’ve made for almost all my life”, Coulter said.

It’s also a living she’s excelled at, as she can still be seen lugging heavy buckets of ice in the morning to get prepared for the upcoming day.

Out of all of her years, it was hard to pinpoint her fondest memory. “Oh there’s way too many, I can’t pick just one. I would just say working with the teachers, faculty, and wonderful staff throughout the years.”

Coulter serves tasty meals every day, but her favorite is “The thanksgiving turkey dish, because I love to see how excited the students get about it.”

Coulter has a few plans left after she retires at the end of this school year. “Whatever my husband wants to do, do a little traveling, go to flea markets. He’s 88 years old and I’m 80 so I figure it’s time we settle down.”

After 37 years of helping students enjoy their most favorite period of the day, the relaxation and down time is more than well-deserved.