Teacher of the Issue: Mr. Stoner

Lindsay Binder, Editor-in-Chief

Josh Stoner, beloved history teacher and Department Chair of the Social Studies Department at Neshaminy High School, loves to teach his students about the value of history and important lessons learned from analyzing historical figures that students can take with them. However, he is not a regular teacher.
Whether it is his quirkily named class warm-up sheets or asking students random questions about pasta on the top of his written exams, Stoner continues to provide an exciting and engaging classroom environment for his students, which is why the Playwickian and student body has named him as the ‘Teacher of the Issue’ for this November edition.

Q: Who are you?
A: Joshua, son of William.
Q: Why are you a teacher?
A: It’s fun, and every year I get a free picture of myself to give to my wife.
Q: Why do you teach history?
A: Because its full of contradictions, competing views, paradoxes, coincidences, intrigues, bravery, sadness, and joy. It’s the story of people and people are interesting.
Q: What’s your favorite class to teach?
A: The class that is curious or the class that makes me laugh.
Q: What’s your favorite teaching memory?
A: Teaching in the trailers while the semi-new high school was being built. We were in our own world because it was a ten minute walk to the main office.
Q: What do you do for fun?
A: Make strange sounds on my guitar, go record shopping, and deep sea whale yoga.
Q: What’s your coffee order?
A: Hot.
Q: If you could do anything with no limits what would you do?
A: Backwards somersaults.
Q: What’s your favorite song?
A: I can’t do one favorite song – how about a short list? “A Change is
Gonna Come”, “Sister Ray”, “A Case of You”, “Atomic Dog”, “Eyes of the World” (1973-74 versions), “Protect Ya Neck”, “Sound and Vision”, “In the Mouth a Desert”, “Echoes”, “Hole in the Sky” […]
Q: What’s your favorite movie?
A: Big Lebowski or Blade Runner.
Q: What do you hope for your students in the future?
A: Contentment and [that] they all vote, read books, and be empathetic and kind.