Club of the Issue: Diversity Pride

Aishani Komath, Staff Writer

Of all the clubs at Neshaminy High School , Diversity Pride is probably one of the most well-known. So for our first ‘Club of The Issue’ of the year, we’ve decided to highlight them.
“Diversity Pride [aims] to bring together students from different walks of life, to provide a safe space to be yourself,” Diversity Pride’s President, Brianna Vera, stated. “We learn about each other’s respective obstacles and hardships and how to overcome them and educate ourselves.”
Diversity Pride’s first event of the year, Encanto and Empanadas, celebrated Hispanic heritage month, in which they shared “Hispanic/Latine culture from [the] Latine students.”
As one of Diversity Pride’s most attended events, the room was filled with people excited to learn more about Latine culture through food.
Many of the club’s events are related to food, like Encanto and Empanadas, but also the Barbeque and Cook-Off that took place last year.
“I would like to say most of our events have some sort of food element as we realize food is what brings communities together,” Vera explained.
Diversity Pride is a unique club, but what they do for NHS is very important, as the main goal of the club is to educate others about the differences within the Neshaminy students and community.
“The main goal of the club is… to not just recognize [these differences] but celebrate them,” Vera said.
In the future, the club hopes to hold more events and find new ways to grow as a club and a community. As Vera put it, “We want to provide students with a voice and safe space where they can be heard and anyone, we mean anyone, is welcome to come as long as they are respectful and come with an open mind.”