Bumper to bumper

Students struggle to get to class due to intense hallway traffic

Samantha O'Brien, Staff Writer

It’s no secret that hallway traffic at Neshaminy High School has been an everyday issue. Students left and right arrive late to class every day. But why is it such a problem?
Many have noticed that there has been a significant influx of students since the Class of 2022 graduated. The difference is an additional 169 students, with 779 current freshmen and 610 seniors who graduated last year.
NHS is also a huge high school. Many students get lost looking for their classes and often find themselves wondering if they’re in the right hallway. It takes a few days, maybe even a week, for some to get used to this ginormous building.
Another problem in the halls is the shoving and bumping into each other.
A problem in which senior Rebecca Krull gave her opinion on the matter.
“Based on my observations, several things cause this,” Krull said. “A big one being the blockage in downstairs Main Street. While there was some improvement when the size of the stanchion constraints between the junior and sophomore locker banks was reduced, it still isn’t enough to get every student to class on time.”
The constraints went into effect sometime in the spring of the 2021-2022 school year when it became apparent that big groups of students were meeting in the middle and blocking Main Street where ‘the hole’ is situated.
As the year continues, students resort to old habits. Students are back to blocking locker banks, ends of hallways, middle of hallways, and so on.
Junior Emma Silk offered her advice for the underclassmen.
“Just keep walking,” Silk explained. “Don’t run, but don’t walk slower either. Try and blend into the crowd when you’re coming out of a hallway. We all have places to be. We’re all trying to survive high school. Take it one day at a time.”