Reigning over ‘The Ridge’

Neshaminy crowns new Homecoming King and Queen


Richard Saxton

Neshaminy’s Homecoming King and Queen.

Lyndsay Metts and Tatiana Bazadough

Early October, and the numbers are rolling in at Neshaminy High School for the awaited and long-standing tradition of crowning two seniors as Homecoming King and Queen. After a long and arduous campaign, the crowned 2023 Homecoming Queen and King are Aidyn Tierney and Luke Hardnock.
Holding these titles has been a dream of Tierney and Hardnock’s since the two first learned about the court and in the end became a reality. Thrilled to have the support of other students, the winners were taken aback by their sweeping victory despite the mass amount of support towards other competitors in their ballot.
“I was very excited and surprised, considering [that] the band has such a big population voting for them,” Tierney explained. “I personally love our school, and I am proud to represent Neshaminy, especially being voted Queen.”
Both Tierney and Hardnock used platforms such as Instagram and SnapChat to garner votes in the poll, using their reach on social media to their advantage in their victory. King Hardnock is remaining humble and well-spirited about the accomplishment.
“To spread the news about Homecoming Court, I posted a lot on my social media,” Tierney stated. “I have a lot of followers in both my grade and in the [grades below me]. I knew I had a good chance of winning [because] a lot of people had mentioned [that] they voted for me. Honestly, nothing really happens when winning. I just have a title, which is exciting… I was happy to be there, decorate my car, and wear a crown.”
The Homecoming Queen and King are beyond grateful for the support from their class in a race well fought. Congratulations to our new King and Queen!