Neshaminy students win state-wide journalism contests

Sofia Jordao

Neshaminy High School students, Emily Myers, and Kurt Disarapong have collectively placed in two statewide editorial competitions. These two young journalists wrote two uniquely compelling pieces that they each submitted to the Pennsylvania NewsMedia Association.

In a “Stop Cyberbullying Contest”, where she was asked to write a persuasive editorial about cyberbullying, Emily Meyers ranked in second place with her essay “Words”. Her piece, both inspirational and eye-opening, showed judges the harsh impact that words have on people.

Kurt Disarapong, after submitting his editorial to the contest “It Can Wait”  ranked third place with his piece “Disaster in a Blink of an eye”. In this editorial, Kurt eloquently captured the harsh reality of distracted driving and the dangers of not knowing when to put your phone down.

Congratulations to both our winners! The Playwickian and Neshaminy are so proud. For more information about the competition details or to read the student submissions, please use the links below:

It Can Wait – Editorial Contest – Link 

Stop Cyberbullying – Editorial Contest – Link