#SaveBarron2020 finally achieved

During the dark days of 2020, TikTok users of Generation Z discovered a pure-hearted and dire cause to rally around: saving Barron Trump.

It looks like their efforts have finally paid off, as Vice President Kamala Harris announced in a new tweet that she has recently adopted the now sixteen-year-old.

“I knew that it was my duty to save this child. He deserves to play Roblox and live like a normal kid, “ Harris stated.

In 2020, evidence began circulating that Barron Trump, fourteen years old at the time, was not allowed to play his favorite game—Roblox—or participate in any other typical teenage activities since his parents were the President and the First Lady at that time.

TikTok user- urmom89432732694 reacted to the situation. “He looks so lonely; I want to be his friend,” stated the opinionated Tweeter.

He currently has no social media and seems to be keeping out of the media entirely, but now that he has been saved, we can hope to see more of our favorite six-foot-seven-inch Trump.