North and South Dakota set aside differences- forming something beautiful

Lyndsay Metts, Lead Graphic Designer

Following the armed militant disputes between North and South Dakotans, the government of both states came to an agreement for the unification of them- to the disdain of both parties.

The two states had slow rising tensions amongst their citizens which inevitably turned violent as North Dakota backed separatists campaigned for the supremacy of their state. South Dakotans took this to heart, and in a bloody spew of aggression retorted with physical violence. 

Dakota Dakota, a 55 year old North Dakotan freedom fighter says, “My name is Dakota, and I will not allow these brutes to tarnish that,” at a North Dakotan Freedom riot. Dakota has supported North Dakota and its freedom for years, and disagrees with the annexation of South Dakota into its legislature.

“I’ll fight for North Dakota until my dying breath,” says Dakota. “I believe these crazed Southerners are out of their mind if they think they can take my North Dakotan land and trample it with their filthy Southern boots.”

On the flip side, many South Dakotans believe that the annexation of the two states is in benefit towards the well being of them.

“I actually think that it’ll make taxes and tax breaks a lot easier, as well as passing laws,” also Dakota Dakota, a 23 year old Dakota State University graduate, says. “It’ll give us more representation in the Electoral College, too. The violence is insane- why can’t we just reach a mutual agreement?”

After 2 weeks of riots and fighting outbroke, Kristi Noem and Doug Burgum, the respective governors of South and North Dakota, had reached a firm agreement within the best interest of the states to annex North Dakota into South Dakota. The official annexation will begin on April 20, 2022, and the electoral college representatives from both states will be voted on next voting season. 

Many citizens are outraged by this sudden choice, but a lot also view this as a coming of peace within America. 

This new state will be named Our Dakota, coined by the unification and the strive to create equality for all Dakotans in the new state. The state abbreviation will become OD, and they will keep the 5 percent tax on all sales items from North Dakota. 

“The new change will be hard to get used to, but I believe that with time, wounds will heal and Our Dakota is going to become a strong state within America,” says Dakota. “I’m excited to see where we can go from here- and how the state will flourish both economically and politically.”