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Stylish new fashion trends coming to Neshaminy Soon

Julianna Musser, OP-ed Editor

Have you been keeping up with all of the hot new fashion trends currently circling around Neshaminy High School? Don’t fret if you haven’t, We’re here to help!
One of the most trendy and popular pieces of attire this winter that has been spreading like wildfire are pinky warmers! This phenomenon is stylish and helps keep your most important finger nice and toasty. They come in a variety of colors such as pea green, turquoise, neon yellow, pastel orange, or a combination of them all. You can also choose from a range of sizes varying from XXXXS to XXXXL. Another awesome accessory product that people of all ages are dying to get their hands on are neck ruffles. These necklace-adjacent, comfy garment accessories are perfect for jazzing up any kind of outfit from fancy to casual to on-the-go.
“I always make sure to grab my neck ruffle whenever I’m on the go! It just matches so well with every piece of clothing I own,” Joe Schmoe said.
The third, and my personal favorite fashion trend is keyboard nails. These cute and practical finger accessories are great for any school or work environment. They make it simple and easy to type from any device; anything you want
from anywhere! These stylish fake nails are shaped like typical keyboard keys and placed atop your nails so that they connect directly to whatever device you desire to use them with.
“I was a bit skeptical at first when I heard about this new trend, but I fell in love once I got my first set of nails! They are awesome for all genders and my friends and I love getting all different colors and mixing and matching them,”
Marie Maria said.
With all of these new and unique trends coming into the spotlight, everyone can find something special for their
own wardrobe!