The man behind the tea: Lipton

Rhys Argust, Social Media Representative

In recent breaking news, Lipton Tea was found to be created by Neshaminy High School’s very own Mr. Michael Lipton, director of general instrumental music.
The band director was caught in possession of the company’s financial forms and came forward to confess his truth. He admitted to being the founder of Lipton Tea, only leaving because he believed that the business did not align with his pro-double reed views. After selling the business to Pepsi, he became a music teacher at Neshaminy High, leaving the tea industry behind.
“It’s for the best,” Lipton stated in an interview with Playwickian Staff, reflecting on his values and the hard decision to leave his entrepreneurial life behind. “Oboes are the superior instrument; and Lipton Tea— unlike me—doesn’t believe that. So I sold the company,” Lipton stated.