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Reetika Patel
If you could live anywhere, where would you live and why?

  • Even though traveling and exploring new parts of the world are one of my favorite hobbies, I would still choose to live in the city of Philadelphia. I say this because Philly houses my favorite NFL team: the Eagles. Also, I’ve always loved the city environment.

Out of the blue, you get a call from the president. What do you think it’s about?

  • If I were to get a phone call from the president, it would most likely be to recognize me for my work in charity and volunteering.

What is one invention that would automatically make life 100% easier for you?

  • Although I enjoy driving and find it relaxing, it is also inconvenient at times when you’re in a rush, or anxious to get somewhere. A teleportation device would make my life a lot easier. For example, it would save time, gasoline, and A LOT of gas money.

Reetika Patel, Staff Writer

Feb 11, 2019
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