Spotify wrapped

Jackson Lycht

Get ready – it’s almost that time of year again where the yearly Spotify ‘Wrapped’ comes out, and Spotify has officially warned us to prepare for its arrival. 


This is a time where people start sharing their Wrapped on social media and be able to brag about their hours listened. 


If you don’t know what Spotify Wrapped is, it is essentially a year in review of your Spotify listening statistics. It tells you everything from your top artist, to your most listened to genre for the year. 

Sharing your Spotify Wrapped has become increasingly popular since the first Spotify Wrapped in 2015. Compared to in the past where it only listed global top artists and your top 100 songs. 


Last year Spotify released its ‘year-in-review’ on December 2 which was unexpected since in 2019 it dropped on December 5. 

This year we still don’t know when Spotify will tell us our top artists and songs because they are yet to release a specific date, but based on previous years we can expect it by early December. 

Aside from Christmas morning, getting a Wrapped report can be one of the most exciting things that occur during the seasonal month. 

Now after reading about this you are probably wondering to yourself, “How can I see my own Spotify Wrapped?”  

Well, you’re in luck. Spotify Wrapped is very easy to see, and when it gets released, you’ll be immediately noticed through a pop-up after opening the Spotify APP.

You can find it in your Spotify feed, as it will be a collection of playlists based on your previous listening habits. There should also be a header that you can tap while Spotify Wrapped is being promoted that will show you a slideshow of your year-in-review. 

Congratulations – you have just seen your Spotify Wrapped! Now go share it with your friends, and compare each other’s listening statistics before it’s gone.