Melanie Martinez cooks up new hits with “After School”


Danielle Peters

Melanie Martinez, an alternative artist, just released her newest Extended Play (EP) recording on September 25, after her most recent album “K-12” that also came out last September. She stated that this album is much more personal than her others and was inspired by her creativity.

However, Melanie has faced many hardships herself, but has had much success beginning with her single, “The Bakery”. Melanie Martinez´s stardom arose when she joined “The Voice” in 2012. She floored her audition with a sweetly acoustic rendition of “Toxic” by Britney Spears. Melanie won all the judges’ hearts and was coached throughout the seasons until week five. While in high school, she persistently practiced music and sang in several talent shows despite being bullied in her teenage years.

Artistically, Melanie is different from many other singers. She takes on the songwriting, acting, and photography of all her work. The sound of her music pulls you in with childlike beats and realistic lyrics discussing controversial topics. Melanie is incomparable and remarkably different because she always fully expresses herself despite the judgment of others.

Some of Melanie´s most popular songs have always been the most lyrically unique. Melanie´s “Play Date”, which is
her most recognized song talks about feeling like she is being used by a man she loves.

¨I wish I had a monopoly over your mind. I wish I didn’t care all the time¨, Melanie’s lyrics state. Martinez feels like she has to fight for his heart and uses the term, ¨monopoly ¨ that references how she feels as if she is just a board game to him and is almost boring him to death while she just wants love. This song was also mostly used on TikTok as a trend, rapidly gaining fans as it blew up. Melanie said that the songs on her newly released EP help her step outside of her widely known persona. She wanted to make these more about her personal experiences rather than having a story behind her newest songs.

Melanie plans on dropping a music video for her favorite song, “Test Me”, but only with enough streams to support it financially since almost all of her music have an expensive budget.