What you need to know going into the 2020 election


Azalea Miles

November 3rd, 2020 is America’s Presidential Election Day and this year, Election Day is more important than ever due to the current pandemic Americans are facing. Covid-19 has left schools and businesses shut down (many permanently), over 200,000 dead and counting, and millions of people unemployed. Although the United States makes up only 4% of the population, we make up 25% of coronavirus cases and have the most deaths. Let’s take a look at what voting can do to make sure everyone makes an informed decision, here is a breakdown of how this pandemic has been handled and how it will be handled depending on the results of the election.


Donald Trump

-Dismantled the pandemic response team left for him by the former president, Barack Obama and vice president, Joe Biden. Knew about the pandemic months before it became serious

-Issued a relief stimulus check nationwide to aidsmall businesses and struggling citizens

-Proposed the idea of injecting people with chemical disinfectant as a treatment for the virus

-Said that he would not give governors protective supplies for their states unless they treated him well.

-Stopped a plan by the United States Postal Service to deliver masks to everyone in April, despite knowing the virus was airborne.

-Continued to lie about the virus after tens of thousands of people died.

-Held large rallies with no social distancing guidelines or mask mandates after testing positive for Covid-19.

-Told people not to be afraid of the virus after it killed 200,00 people.

-Mocked Joe Biden for wanting to listen to scientists about the pandemic.

-Calls covid-19 the “Chinese virus” despite the surge in hate crimes towards Chinese people since covid-19

-Broke lots of promises about when the country would reopen, when vaccines would be available and how many tests would be done by now.

-His plans if re-elected are to: release a vaccine soon, bring the economy back and “Keep America great” as his slogan says


Joe Biden

-Called on President Trump to increase the production of protective supplies.

-Addressed the racial inequality of the impact of Covid-19.

-Released a plan for essential workers about Covid-19.

-Urged Trump to work with Congress to address the hunger crisis caused by the pandemic.

-Shared a plan to jumpstart the economy. His plans if he’s elected are to: enforce a detailed 7-point plan which includes making sure all Americans have access to testing, producing more protective equipment, provide guidance and resources for how communities, schools, business, etc can navigate through the pandemic, distributing vaccines and treatments, protecting high-risk Americans, to rebuild defenses from the virus, and implement mask mandates.