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Artist of the Issue: Jordan Mavie

Jordan Mavie shows off  his dance moves.

Jordan Mavie shows off his dance moves.

Photo/Nina Taranenko

Photo/Nina Taranenko

Jordan Mavie shows off his dance moves.


Three years ago senior Jordan Mavi went with his stepmom to see a French hip-hop pair named the Les Twins. He was inspired by their fluid yet powerful movements to begin dancing. Now a talented dancer in his own right, Mavi shocks all those who see him dance.

He has danced in gym night for three years and starred in several Neshaminy Summer Stock performances, including Carousel in 2014 and “Les Misérables” in 2015. He has also been on the dance team for two years. In addition to his talents as a dancer, Mavi is also an accomplished vocalist, having sung in concert choir for 11 years and select choir for two.

“I believe that dancing has really made me into more of an open person. Ever since I started dancing, I’ve been dancing anywhere (in public, around the house, in a car, etc.) whenever I’m bored whether there be music playing or not. Dancing has taught me to not care about what others may think if I want to do something that I love doing,” he said.

Mavi is a self-taught dancer but has taken inspiration from those around him and the occasional YouTube video. He describes his style as “a mix of popping, waving, hip-hop, and a lil bit of b-boy.” Those who dance and work with him find him an accomplished student and a great person.

“I have known him for years, and he is not only extremely talented but he is also incredibly humble. I know he will be nothing but successful in life,” said senior Jessica Whelan. She is the president of the dance team with Mavi and said she genuinely looks forward to it every week.

Mavi has his eyes set on attending Drexel in the fall of 2017 for engineering. Although he does not plan on having dancing as his career, he feels he will continue dance because of its impact on his life.

“If I had any advice to those who want to get into dancing, I’d have to say don’t be afraid to be unique when it comes to your style because naturally most people fear the unknown, something new, something different. That might cause individuals who don’t understand why people dance to poke fun at you for it, but you can’t let it get to you; just do you. As for where to start when it comes to how to develop your dancing style: figure out how you want your style to look by checking out some dance videos with various styles in them and decide which of them fascinates you the most and go with that one or however many you want to use to develop your style.”








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Artist of the Issue: Jordan Mavie