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Vine comes to an end

Photo via Google under Creative Commons license

Photo via Google under Creative Commons license

Kezia Joseph, Staff Writer

Students across Neshaminy, the country, and even the globe were shocked on Oct. 27 when Vine announced its imminent closure. In a few months, users of the social media will not be able to post or create Vines anymore. Soon users will only be able to view old vines on the website.

Vine is a popular social media app in which users post six-second videos which then loop (or restart over and over). While it may sound simple and pointless to some, Vine has allowed users to burst out with creativity. People have used it for short comedy skits, little snapshots of their lives, to share music, and so much more.

Why is it ending? It’s a combination of quite a few reasons. Twitter owned Vine, but it was not able to fund it properly. Advertisers were not able to do much business on Vine due to the lack of time for advertising. After all, six seconds isn’t much time. Vine was not able to compete with other social media apps, such as Instagram.
Many users have even found fame on Vine. Popular users such as Alex James, Rudy Mancuso, Nash Grier, Lele Pons, and many more have managed to establish a huge following. Now many are moving to other platforms such as Instagram or YouTube.

What do Neshaminy students have to say about this? Freshman Jackie Dyszel liked that users could capture a funny moment in only a few seconds. She’s disappointed that there won’t be any new content coming but is glad that old vines can be viewed. Similarly, sophomore Andy Nguyen said, “Honestly, I’ve made a lot of friends on there throughout the years as a Vine editor. I’m sad to see it go but for all we know Twitter has something better planned for us that we have no idea about.”

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Vine comes to an end