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Energy drinks: The choice lies with the school

The Editorial Board

Within the current school year, Neshaminy High School started to sell Pepsi products in the school’s cafeteria. Among the list of the products sold, Kickstart, a beverage drink developed by Pepsi that is not federally considered an energy drink, was made available to students. The selling of Kickstart has since ceased due to its price and how much lunch money students were using towards them.  However, it must be made clear that these types of beverages are harmful to students and should be avoided.  Regardless of federal regulations, Kickstart is commonly considered to be an energy boost.

Unlike coffee and other natural “peppy” drinks, energy drinks can cause “negative health, social, emotional and behavioral problems,” stated a USA Today article entitled “Don’t sell energy drinks to kids.”  The statistics prove that as the years go on, the emergency-room visits tying adolescents with energy drink consumption have only risen.  In 2007, the national number was 1,145 visits, and in 2011 the number jumped to 1,499.  The addition of energy drinks to the a la carte menu at Neshaminy’s cafeteria, would only increase the risk.  It is a good thing that energy drinks have been removed from our cafeterias, but they are still present in other schools.

Within the UK, a government movement has begun to ban energy drinks from schools completely. Government adviser, John Vincent, stated that these drinks are “effectively another form of drugs.” The Food Standards Agency of the United Kingdom remarked that these energy drinks “could potentially lead to short-term effects such as increased excitability, irritability, nervousness or anxiety.”  Being teenagers in high school, students are already facing these symptoms every day and do not need more anxiety and irritability to add to it.

Of course, the argument can be made that students who do not wish to take part in the consumption of Kickstart can simply not purchase any, but it must be understood that the power of suggestion is extremely influential. If a student has math homework due in two periods or needs to cram for a history test in study hall, they may be more inclined to turn to these drinks, even though they are detrimental to their health.

It is a school’s responsibility to regulate the health and wellness of the students to the best of its ability.  It is for the benefit of the students that Kickstart, or any other similar beverage, never enters the halls of these institutions.

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Energy drinks: The choice lies with the school