Love Lines 2014

Atticus, you’re so dreamy. Love, A 9th grade English teacher

Andrew Reardon to Amber Prolcop, I love you more than anything. You fill my heart you’re my fairytale, my world. You’re my dream girl, and I love you to death.

I love and appreciate all of my FCS majors! –Mrs. Macauley

Dearest Rita Iovine, I’ve admired you from afar for too long. I love to go to your pizza shop and watch you work. You are so beautiful. I sniff the air as you walk past me in the hallway. I would follow you to Italy and back. And can I say, your feet are to die for.

3rd Period: You’re my favorites 🙂 Love, Drake

Hunney Bunny, Roses are red, violets are blue, take me to prom? 🙂 –Pookie Bear

Shea, contrary to popular belief, I don’t hate you. Love, your dog, Duke.

I love you guys, Aliyah, Jess, and Becca! From, Bryce

Leah Dando, you got me rolling in the deep. Love, Adele

To my period five class and “extras”… I love you a “hole” bunch! Mrs. Thomson

R, you’re my life, my universe, my everything.

My precalc and java classes are the best in the world! Love, Mrs. Kirk

Sabz, Christy, and Tony are amerzing Illeeeee!!

Roses are red, violets are blue, liam can I, dance with you? Love, Alyssa Lamont

Around this time last year God gave us a challenge. A challenge he knew we were strong enough to conquer. Now, the challenge is conquered and our relationship is stronger than ever. I’m so lucky to have you! Happy Valentine’s Day babe. –Bri

Pookie Bear, I’m addicted 2 ur luv. Wub, Hunney Bunny

Thank you Joe for not only being my best friend, but for being the best boyfriend I could ask for. I love you more than any amount of words could describe. Love, skate, laugh. –Joe U

Kay Kay, we in the library dropping that thun thun thun! Love your bestie, Jenna

Kayla, my sister and best friend, Thanks for everything, love you! –Jenna

To Brittney Seidel, I watch you from a distance. I think you are beautiful. From, anonymous.

Summer will you go to prom with me? Mrs. Leventhal will you go to prom with me? –Mike

Dear Playwickian, please see me. Love, the government.

Happy Valentine’s Day to my seventh period perfect peeps! XOXO Mrs. Thomson

Hey August, it’s Valentine’s Day, but we’re still not friends.

Dear English Dept., Thanks for everything. Sincerely, the mice.

Dear you know who you are: hee-haw, woof, ribbet. Love, your half credit animals.

Casey B., Cornelia from RISF misses you.

When in doubt, set by the door. No comment needed.

Dear Diana, please don’t take my rope away. Love, your bird.

Dear volleyball team, I love you. You are amazing. Love, Coach.


Dear Viki, Why did you leave us? This place is bananas without you.

Dear Mr. Boffa, are you really Chuck Norris?

2nd Period: You’re my favorites 🙂 Love, Drake

Dear Taylor, every time we touch, I get this feeling. Luv u, Edwardo.

Dear PHILLY LOVE RUN: I hate you but I will beat you. Thanks, J Cohen

Dear Periods 1, 3, 4, 5, and 7, thank you for a wonderful year! You are my “thee” –J. Cohen

Happy Valentine’s Day to the best study hall ever. <3 May To Britinee, You are an amazing singer. You should audition for American Idol. You have the voice of an angel. With love, AMJDM 7th Period: You’re my favorites 🙂 Love, Drake Dear Parker, I always knew you were the one. Love, Dave Nuckles Dear Paloms, You’re really pretty and your toes turn me on. To my English classes, Thank you for all of your hard work. Love, Mrs. McCreary Shea- Shea, Be mine! Love, Mr. Jack Shrek is love. Shrek is life. Dear Andrew, Cousin lovin’ happened so fast. Yours truly, Ronnie and Sage Julianna Rush, You are gorgeous, funny and kind. Happy Valentine’s Day <3 –Anonymous Dear Angelique, Thank you for loving and supporting me no only today, but each and every day. I couldn’t imagine what my life would be without you. Love, Kerri Dear Angelique, Love you. All of the home. From, Kerri Sarah Elwekil, You look like what pizza tastes like. Stay perfect, just for me! 😉 Amanda Usewicz, Baby you the best. Can’t wait for our third date! I love you. Ton, Chloe, and Ronnie, What am I going to do without you next year? Amanda Usewicz: Babe, we can work this out. Babe, don’t leave babe. Babe? Babe? Babe! Lots of “kisses” to my period two English class! <3 Mrs. Thomson To: Gina Kay October 8 was the start of the greatest time of my life. I love you. From: Christopher Carroll Dearest Ashley, How can a mere 15 words- even 30 or 45 possibly describe the love we share? For a guy who doesn’t believe in destiny, it truly means a lot when I say that all the events that occurred to bring us together just shows we were meant to be. –Matthew Dear Matt, I love your chops. They’re beautiful. Can I take them to prom? –Matt Dear Playwickian editors and staff, thanks for always getting to the <3 of the matter. Rock on! Amanda, you can’t stop our everlasting gaze towards you. You voice is amazing, Gina…Cats To my third period English bunch, “Stick with me, Valentine. XOXO Mrs. Thomson Dear Matt Y., I love you. I get happy when I remember how we met during Frisbee and how you used to steal all the Frisbees from me. I remember when you asked me if I wanted a kiss, but it was actually a Hershey kiss. You are the best boyfriend anybody could have. I love you. Love, Ashley V. Happy Valentine’s Day to my little Katie-Kakes! I <3 my little Kitty-Kat. –TA We love you, and your school picture is lovely. Buy a yearbook and bask in all the pics! –Yearbook Hello Dean, My “people skills” are a little “rusty.” We’ve been through much together you and I. Destiny can’t be changed Dean. You and I share a profound bond. –Cas Dear Kerri, Congratulations on getting an audition at Curtis! Happy Valentine’s Day girlfriend! I hoped it’s filled with cats, chocolate, and feminists. –Angelique Whoever is reading this: Hello, I’m S and you are gorgeous/ handsome. Lone Wolf: I hope you know you’re beautiful and strong *The Black Panther 8th Period: You’re my favorites 🙂 Love, Drake Interact Members: Thank you for all you do to make our world a better place 🙂 Love, Drake Reading Olympians: You entertain me at every meeting 🙂 Love, Drake Bug, 14 on the 14th day of 2014? You know how to make a statement! Enjoy your special day 🙂 Love, Ant To my beautiful Keira Marie – you are my super star and I love you so much. Happy 7th birthday! Love Mommy Haylee Gracious – I love my angel face so much. I’m so proud of all you are learning in kindergarten! Love, Momma Skylar Rosie – Mommy loves you so much. I love your cutie little smiley face. Love, Mommy To my sweet little Connor – You are my best little boy. I love your big giant hugs and kisses! Love, Ma 6th Period: You’re my favorites 🙂 Love, Drake Happy Valentine’s Day to my eighth period bunch- you all make my heart burst! <3 Mrs. Thomson Brianna, you ARE the droid I was looking for - Jeffy Dear Moose, nya-HAAA! With love, your Tinysaurus Rex George, tell me about the rabbits again. Bring Ketchup. Love, Lenny Dear Howler, write more awesome. <3 D & L-Dog Yearbook staff! You guys are doing great work! Keep it up! -L Lenny, still like soft things? T. Hubs, U r my hero! Can you write me a letter of rec.? Jackie, I am so proud and happy to see you grow into a mature and intelligent young lady. I couldn’t be prouder to call you my sister. Love, Amanda To Ms. Henry’s classes: Thank you for your hard work this year. It does not go unnoticed! -Ms. Henry To the most beautiful chem teacher in NHS- I am in love with you. -BDBM Rob: Thanks for the amzing meatballs. Love, Josh Ton, Prudence, and Coleslaw, Please don’t sashay away without me. Dear Sierra, Caitlyn, Troy, Jeff, and Kim, I love you guys so very much. –SM Roses are red, violets are blue, order a yearbook, there’s one just for you! –Yearbook Shealyn, Please, please take me to college with you. Your loving cat, Mushie We love you, and your school picture is lovely. Buy a yearbook and bask in all the pics! –Yearbook We like selfies, yours are prime. Send us them! –Yearbook Happy Valentine’s Day to all of my English 9 students. <3 May Hi Blaize! Can’t wait until you’re home. Love & miss you. Keep smiling! Love, Jackie Hi Jen, you’re beautiful and I love you My 9th Graders: “If love be rough with you, be rough with love...” - Ms. Mann Carla is the most beautiful and best sister ever. Love, DA BWEAD Mrs. Bearss, We LOVE you- the village people To my students: Happy Valentine’s Day! -Mrs. Gever