Workin’ for the win

Workin for the win

Julianna Musser, Op-Ed Editor

This past weekend, Neshaminy High School held its 69th annual Gym Night, “Workin’ for the Weekend”, and it was a huge success. Prior to the event, all of the tickets sold out with many students, staff and family members anticipating the big night. Now, let’s take some time to recap everything that happened in preparation for and during the raging success that is Gym Night.

For those that are unfamiliar, Gym Night is a sporting event in which all  grade levels perform dances based on a specific theme and compete in relays to gain points. Hundreds of students participate in Gym Night and go to practices for two months beforehand to ensure that they are fully prepared to perform their dances.

This year, there was one show on Friday, Mar. 3, 2023 and two on Saturday, Mar.4, 2023. Each day, the Red Team and the Blue Team accumulated points by winning their teams’ dances and different relays.

On night one, the tensions were high even from the start and everyone in the crowd was fueled with energy. The night started off with the Blue Junior Dance Exhibition of Scientists and it ended with the Red Senior Dance Exhibition of Astronauts. 

Throughout the night, the relays included Freshman Boys 12 x 1 Relay, Sophomore Boys Pulling Girls Magic Carpet, Junior Boys Football Recovery Relay, Senior Girls Tug-Of-War and Senior Boys Tug-Of-War, and Captains Tic-Tac-Toe.

The Blue Juniors won over the Red Juniors Dance Exhibition of Troops and Armed Forces and brought the Blue Team the first dance points of the night. The streak continued when the Blue Freshman Dance Exhibition of Directors won over the Red Freshman Dance Exhibition of Safari Guides, and the Blue Sophomores Dance Exhibition of Archeologists won over the Red Sophomores Dance Exhibition of Detectives.

There were many relays as well consisting of the Freshman Clown Chaos Relay, Sophomore Balloon Pop Relay, Junior Basket Toss Relay, Senior Free Throw Frenzy, Captains Tug-of-War.

The Red Team struggled to get their score up until the Red Seniors won over the Blue Seniors Dance Exhibition of Authors. Both teams brought their A game, but Blue took the win on the first night with a score of 17 to 7.

The second day came in hot with the Red Juniors taking the win over the Blue Juniors after losing the night before. Fortunately for the Blue Team, the Blue freshmen won for the second time in a row along with the Blue Sophomores.

The Red Seniors were determined to not let these losses phase them though and won their dance for the second time in a row which turned their heavy loss the night before into an even 23 to 23 to end the night. 

When the last night started, everyone brought triple the energy that they did on the previous days. The crowd was on the edge of their seats watching the dances and seeing the pompoms being thrown up in the air awarding both teams more and more points.

The relays for the last night included Freshman Girls 12 x 1 Relay, Sophomore Girls Pulling Boys Magic Carpet, Junior Girls Football Recovery Relay, Senior Girls and Boys Obstacle Course and Captains Tennis Ball Relay.

The Blue juniors took the final junior dance win from the Red Juniors and slowly, both teams brought their scores up. The Red freshmen won over the Blue freshmen for their first time as well as The Red sophomores who had lost both previous times. The Red seniors ended up sweeping the Blue seniors and won their dance for the third time in a row.

With a final score of 34 to 39 the Red Team was victorious with a huge comeback after losing for the last two years in a row.

Tons of NHS students are already excited for the event to occur again next year, and are wishing all of the seniors a farewell as this was their last year participating in Gym Night!