The Playwackian: raking in the cash

Brianna Vera, Staff Writer

On Monday March 32, 2022 the Neshaminy School District made a controversial decision. The money originally dedicated to replacing Neshaminy High School’s football field with turf (synthetic fibers that resemble grass) has been re-allocated to support none other than the Neshaminy High School’s Playwickian newspaper publication. To put this situation into perspective, a full $500,000 is now in the hands of The Playwickian in an effort to compensate for the past few years of budget cuts to the publication.
The Playwickian is now, as Lead Photographer, Andrew Kim, describes, “rolling in dough.” To say that the staff is overjoyed is an understatement and ideas on how to spend the funds are already being discussed.
The number one priority for all staff is the purchasing of high quality, brand new Starbucks coffee ma-
chines to be installed in The Playwickian office, along with quirky mugs (handpicked by Señor Kain) for each student. Currently, renovations for the office, such as the installment of a bouncy house, are in the works. According to, playing in a bouncy house significantly reduces the risks of cardiovascular and gastrointestinal diseases. This sparked interest in The Playwickian staff as stress often runs high in the office.
Further plans are to be announced as The Playwickian celebrates this major victory and decides how to utilize the
funds. The future of the publication is looking brighter and richer than ever before!